Monday, June 05, 2006


Hello family, friends, and anyone else who happens to stumble by! Grace, mercy, and peace in the name of God the Father-Mother and Christ Jesus our Savior!

I started this blog so that people can keep track of me during my escapades in Europe, South America, and across the US this summer. I am going to try to write a post every day but I probably won't be able to post them every day because I will be away from internet access for much of the time. I will post them in groups as I am able.

Itinerary: The trip begins June 16 as I set off from home in Brighton, MA to Ithaca, NY where I will be ordained to the diaconate in the Lindisfarne Community. Following the ordination I will be travelling to Austin, TX for the Fund for Theological Education Conference on Excellence in Ministry. On June 25-26 I will be travelling to Geneva where I will be meeting with people at the World Council of Churches and the World Student Christian Federation as well as visiting family. From there I travel to Iona, Scotland where I will be visiting the Iona Community for a week. I travel from Iona to London where I will be participating in the ordination of a Lindisfarne Community member the same day as I fly in and then bus out for a weeklong visit with the Taize Community that evening. After that visit I bus back to London and fly home to the US on July 17th for an overnight before departing for Colombia, South America where I will be participating in a two-week Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation. I return to the US on July 31st and then have to be in Chicago on August 3rd to present a paper on globalization, violence, cosmopolitanism, and ecumenical spirituality at the 2006 Young Adult Ecumenical Forum. I then fly to Washington D.C. to preach at my home church, Hughes United Methodist in Wheaton MD on August 6th. I will stay home through my birthday on Aug 11 and then return to Boston on the 14th.

This trip is funded by the Fund for Theological Education Ministry Fellowship program and I am most grateful to Melissa Wiginton and the whole FTE team for their support and encouragement.

May God bless you and keep you!


Br. Lawrence, LC

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Jim Olson said...

If this is Tuesday, this must be Belgium?

Enjoy your trip...I'm enjoying mine!